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Emeafa’s Okro

There are days we wake up with the quest to feel special. To feel loved and belonged. One of the sure ways I satisfy my sense of belonging is cooking an amazing pot of soul food; Emeafa’s Okro. The amazing thing about this recipe is the fact that you can open wide your freezer and find different protein options that works for you.

On this day, my special client, Emeafa wanted dry fish, some king prawns, baby shrimps and squid. It took me a while to balance the variety of protein needs vis-à-vis the favour outcome in my head. However I knew it would work before dry fish unlike fresh fish is no overly powering with flavour. I further decided to pan grill the squid to tone down its taste for a smoky feel. Trust me it worked beautifully.

What I love about okro just as many sauces is the ability to simultaneous prep key processes. As you cook your ademe (leafy green vegetable) and okro, you marinate the king prawns and shrimps and further pan grill you squid. All you will be left with after a few minutes is to combine the proteins and greens.

Another exciting thing to note about this recipe is if you are not like Emefa who wants to feel the crunchiness of her okro but rather like my mum who doesn’t want to see cut garlic and chillies in her food, simply blend or use powdered garlic or chilli.

The Kings’ Okro

Recipe by Akua AsantewaaCourse: Soups


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Cooking time


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Pan grilled tiger prawns & squid in pot of goat pieces, dry herrings & dry fish cooked over par boiled okro and ademe


  • 1 Kilo King Prawns

  • 1/2 kilo Squid

  • 2 Pieces Dry Fish

  • 2 cups sliced Okro

  • 2 cups Ademe leaves

  • 3 Onions

  • Green Chillies

  • 2 whole garlic

  • Red Chillies

  • Ginger

  • Dry parsley

  • Dry Dill

  • Salt


  • prepare your prawns by removing the shell, the back black line. Wash in lemon water. Marinate with salt, peppers, garlic and ginger with some cut dill. Marinate for 10 mins
  • Pan grilled squid pieces by adding cut squid, green chillies, dry parsley, salt and garlic pieces to a greased pan. Pan cook on each side for 5 mins
  • Add marinated king prawns and baby shrimps (together with any extra juices from the marinade). Add pan cooked squid pieces. Add dry fish pieces, cut garlic, chillies, onions and blended ginger. Add stock cube, salt, dry parsley and dill to taste. Cook for 10 mins
  • Add par boiled okro and ademe (to par boil okro and ademe, remove stocks from ademe. cook in water for 10 mins. Add in cut okro and cook for another 5 mins. You may add bicarbonate of soda).
  • Stir in par boiled okro and ademe. salt and spice to taste. cook for 5 mins and take off fire.
  • Enjoy