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Food is memory. I still close my eyes and can time travel to my best food moments; from grandmas kitchen in Nkoranza making nuhuu (cocoyam porridge) to the long walk for fresh hausa koko in Bolgatanga or the aromas from that basil and thyme marinated sea bass sauce.
Traditional cookery is a complex cultural model comprising farming, age-old skills, culinary techniques and ancestral community customs and manners. It is made possible by collective participation in the entire traditional food chain: from farm to fork.
In recent times and with globalization, traditional cookery is giving away to modernized food. A trend that can be attributed to varying factors; work, family but most importantly our social networks.
Wabisabi is Ghana’s most exquisite traditional cookery experiences setup to promote culinary culture in a contemporary manner promoting health and wellbeing through food.
A ritual of delicate intense pleasure that will leave you both satisfied and longing for more.
Wabisabi is promoted by its self made home chef Akua Asantewaa
Growing up, I still remember opting to be in the kitchen as my chore than to clean. I still remember my first garden eggs stew at age 9 that had carrot cuts. I remember how my grandma would say some foods are best eaten as leftovers because it is only at the point that all the ingredients settle and food finds equilibrium.
Food is simple. It’s how you feel translated through those beautiful garden eggs or lifeless koobi. It is how you want others to feel after they bit and chew of that freshly baked garlic prepped red snapper.
Infusing traditional cookery in our new way of life may be the only sustainable approach of ensuring our culinary heritage; our value of local identity, through food is not lost.
Wabisabi promotes traditional cookery and food experiences in 5 different forms;

Today, I look at food differently than when I was younger. I look at food through the ingredients. Food brings balance to my life. Just the thought of it brings laughter and fulfillment. Food now means the future for me and I can only hope through wabisabi to explore more. Food made the wabisabi way is nostalgic, offering a sense of home nothing else can. If you think otherwise, try out this recipe;

Pan cooked salmon


This is one of my favourite recipes when am standing in the kitchen and all hungry. Equally it is a…